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Tracy Kaye Dance Method ©

The Fit 4 Dance Method © is an original and unique concept designed by Tracy Kaye Holly. Tracy was a full time Ballroom and Latin dance instructor and successfully competed internationally on a professional level in all dance categories.

Throughout her many years in the dance industry Tracy realized that virtually no attention was given to the importance of whole food, dietary supplements and exercise specifically designed for dancers. As a health and wellness expert and CSNA Master, Tracy now understands that a holistic approach to this sport can make a profound difference in optimum performance and minimizing fatigue and injury.

Tracy’s concept is not a theory but a tried and true method that really works!

If you want to dance for the rest of your life then you need to be “built to last”

Fit 4 Dance Method © can be taught in a two day intensive workshop or one week format.

Fit 4 Dance Method © consists of 4 elements that pertain to any Dance Sport category.

1. Dance Division
2. Dance Sports Nutrition Division
3. Dance Fitness Division
4. Dance Conduct and Etiquette Division

1. Dance Division

Whatever style of dance you are performing, be it amateur or professional, for fun or for competition, solo, couples or group dance, you can certainly build on performance and execution by incorporating the Fit 4 Dance Method ©

2. Sports Nutrition Division

Sports Nutrition is both an art and a science. The science of sports nutrition helps the dancer to understand the "how" and the "why". Through observation, research and repeated experiment, experts in the field investigate the effect of controlled exercise, food and supplements on the health, recovery and performance of athletes.

To be successful in the world of sport, fitness and health, and to remain well and injury free, one must apply the art as a derivative of sound science. This is the essence of the natural health food & fitness movement. Both are inseparably and equally essential.

The dancer will be assigned specific online audio interviews and video presentations from experts in the field of sports nutrition, anti-aging, health and fitness.

3. Dance Fitness Division

Fit Stations build power and strength to enhance total body fitness from head to toe for the dancer. Fit stations are designed to enhance the following components of dance fitness:

• Strength
• Balance
• Coordination
• Flexibility
• Endurance
• Power
• Aerobic Capacity

Fit 4 Dance Method © circuit stations address each component of fitness and develops the body’s major muscle groups necessary to execute and perform at optimal levels.

Areas worked through the Fit 4 Dance Method © plyometric stations are the Center, Chest, Back, Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps and Legs.

Plyometrics refers to a type of exercise using explosive movements to develop muscular power, such as bounding, hopping, and jumping.

Plyometric and dance fitness circuit stations are one minute in duration and may include:

• Skipping Rope
• Ab Roller
• Dumbbells
• Power Plane
• Ballet Bar
• Rubber Bands
• Barbells
• Mats
• Stair Step

4. Dance Conduct and Etiquette Division

Proper dance conduct and etiquette is extremely important for all levels and ages of any dancer. Learn good sportsmanship and congenial ways to enhance your star quality reputation in the dance field.

Rhythm 4 Life pdf

For more information please contact Tracy Kaye Holly