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The New Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition is both an art and a science. The art consists of nourishing an active body with high quality food and dietary supplements in a skillful, safe and consistent manner. This pertains not only to what we eat, but also when. If for example, your goal is to build lean mass or lose inches from your waistline, then missing meals or forgetting to take your vitamins is just as 'bad' as eating the wrong food at the right time.

The science of sports nutrition helps all of us to understand the "how" and the "why". Through observation, research and repeated experiment, experts in the field investigate the effect of controlled exercise, food and supplements on the health, recovery and performance of athletes. To be successful in the world of sport, fitness and health, and to remain well and injury free, one must apply the art as a derivative of sound science. This is the essence of the natural health food & fitness movement. Both are inseparably and equally essential.

It's surprising how many athletes disregard the importance of consuming whole organic real food. Many feel they simply "burn off" the empty calories they consume in the form of polished rice, milled white flour, homogenized milk and commercial breakfast cereals. This myth, perpetuated by ignorance and supported by misleading irresponsible advertising, only serves to strengthen the power and might of the food conglomerates that continue to thrive from the mass addiction they foster. Meanwhile, countless numbers of youngsters committed to sport and athletics literally "burn out" their neural, immunological and endocrine network, and by age 30, often experience depression, chronic joint inflammation and fatigue, caused by depletion of organ reserve, adrenal exhaustion and immune system failure.

On the other hand, you have the health food "junkies". They eat fresh organic food religiously, drink their carrot juice and assemble what appears to be a never-ending stream of vitamins taken throughout the day like clockwork, never missing a "hit". Trouble is, they don't exercise, so over time they lose lean mass, accumulate bodyfat and lose the capacity to even use the food they so gloriously uphold as righteous. One things for sure. Any lifestyle that excludes exercise and physical activity will reduce the health span of any human being, guaranteed.

So what is the answer? I hope it's obvious. The NEW Sports Nutrition combines the best of both worlds and stands on the solid ground of objective science. It's about crossing over into the world of optimum nutrition if you're a 'fitness fanatic', and getting into the world of fitness if you're a 'health food nut'. It's about balance and finding the perfect blend to suit your biological needs and personal aspirations. No more extremes, no more one or the other. It's two camps forming a perfect union based on the mutual desire to compress morbidity and sustain the highest quality of life possible for as long as possible. It's called "bridging the gap".