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The Rules of the Game III


Although we have thoroughly convinced ourselves otherwise, many of the signs and morbid symptoms associated with senescence, such as obesity, type II diabetes, insulin resistance, elevated blood fats and high blood pressure, are not a function of chronological age. In fact they have more to do with nurture (lifestyle, state of mind, stress management, nutrition, fitness, rest & environment) than nature (genes) although both play a role. Chronic pain, illness and disability are a function of biological age accelerated by damage and injury, some of which is reversible, most of which is preventable. But to prolong vitality, you must take action against the forces that cause the pyramids to crumble.

Taking a basic vitamin and mineral supplement helps ensure an adequate intake of essential micronutrients. But this is just for starters. Once you get into the groove of real health consciousness, and are willing to pay the price for living free from disease, the sky is the limit. But like exercise and whole food, dietary supplements must become second nature. To get positive results, you must think in positive terms. Thousands of clinical studies show that taking high quality supplements WORK – but you have to take them consistently, at the right time and in the right amounts.

Combining supplements with whole food improves resistance against infection, disease and stress better than whole food alone. Do you have the same exact body today at 50 that you did at 15? Of course not! The enzyme glucosamine synthetase, for example, declines with age. That means you produce less and less glucosamine from glucose and glutamine, explaining in part why the cartilage in your joint matrix tends to erode over time. Taking glucosamine sulfate (GS) overcomes this rate-limiting step, and this is just one of dozens of examples I could give. But don’t wait until your 50 – take it now to PREVENT the erosion of your knees, especially if you’re physically active and athletic (which you need to be to stay well).

How many times have you heard someone say, “I get everything I need from the food I eat”. WRONG! Your diet, no matter how natural, how organic or how fresh, does not, will not, cannot supply you with everything you need, but let’s clarify “need”. In biological medicine, we don’t use baseline survival as a standard of health. Nor do we use living on borrowed time knowing there’s a safety net below to catch us when we fall (notice I said “when” not “if”).

When we talk about need in functional complimentary health care, we’re talking about walking the tightrope of life as if there is no net. It’s a mental thing. With no net you have to extra careful; you have to take really good care of yourself. You have to be responsible, 100% accountable and get what you “need” to achieve optimum health, which means living free of prescription medication, feeling good, looking good, having lots of energy, setting goals, living above mediocrity and demonstrating excellent physical, sexual, mental and emotional performance.

Expand your horizons and find the courage to think for yourself. Sidestep the politics and examine the science objectively. Challenge all conventional thinking. If you conform to the masses and obey all the dietary “laws” taught by convention, you’ll end up physiologically and immunologically bankrupt by the time your 30. So who can you blame? Well, that’s part of the problem. Don’t look for anyone or anything to blame. Just saddle your own horse and blaze your own trail.

In addition to vitamin A, B-complex, vitamin C, vitamin E, the essential fatty acids, essential amino acids, minerals and trace elements, consider the benefits of extra antioxidants and botanical medicines, such as coenzyme Q10, grape seed extract, lutein, Lapacho or Gingko Biloba. These can be utilized to improve cardiac health, combat free radicals, improve vision and strengthen immune response to bacteria and environmental pathogens.

But there is another side to the supplement coin that everyone in this new age of information and technology should consider. This “other” side emphasizes the importance and quality of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates & fat) with special emphasis on high-quality non-denatured protein and essential fats that heal. When used correctly, these products can be extremely beneficial, as many of them are designed to enhance immune function, improve insulin efficiency, increase one’s fat-burning capacity, improve strength, endurance & stamina and encourage long-term participation in physical activity.

One of the best ways to improve your diet – immediately – is with a blended health shake. After drinking 1-2 glasses of filtered water, that’s how Tracy and I start every day, because it’s quick, easy to prepare and incredibly nutritious. We also add a variety of super food concentrates in powder form. Using powdered supplements are preferred for ease of digestion, integration into the bloodstream and cellular utilization.

As an exercise, sport or activity primer, try mixing in a blender ½ cup of freshly squeezed organic orange or grapefruit juice, ½ cup of filtered water, one T. of The Sport Oil, ¼ - 1 tsp. vitamin C powder (calcium ascorbate) and 1-2 scoops of plain or flavoured whey protein. Press the juice with a citrus juicer first then add it to the blender.

Oranges and grapefruits have a low glycemic index, which means the sugars they contain filter into the blood stream relatively slowly. This helps prevent hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) and rebound hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). When combined with the The Sport Oil and whey protein, this mixture will stabilize your blood sugar and insulin levels. For energy and endurance this is what you want to achieve. And because the juices are squeezed fresh, they are alkaline-forming, teaming with enzymes and loaded with cell protective antioxidants.

The high yield of linolenic acid (omega-3 parent) in the flax will interact with the organic sulfur and amino acids in the whey to form many healing lipoprotein complexes. This can be of particular benefit to someone with damaged or inflamed intestines. It’s also good for skin problems and painful joints. If you prefer, you can substitute flax with hemp seed oil or a good mixed blend that features plenty of omega-3s.

When it comes to nitrogen retention and biological value (BV) whey protein outperforms any challenger, including soy, eggs, fish, meat, nuts and seeds. No human can live without protein and many people, especially women and children, either don’t consume enough low-fat high-quality protein or consume too much of the wrong kind. Whey protein isolate is leaner than wild game and suitable for the whole family, young and old. It’s very clean, contains no animal related contaminants, is extracted without heat and is extremely soluble. Whey is definitely the “whey-to-go.”

I add powdered vitamin C to my smoothie for several reasons. It mitigates cortisol-related damage, reinforces collagen production, strengthens my adaptive capacity to physical and mental stress, detoxifies blood and lymph, supports adrenal function and quenches free radicals generated via strenuous exercise. Irwine Stone and Linus Pauling were right on the money. Vitamin C is the world’s most underrated lifesaver – don’t leave home without it!

Take your regular vitamins and antioxidants with this delicious and smooth energy drink 1-2 hours before physical activity and I guarantee you’ll feel stronger and have more endurance, especially if you’re consistent. For even better results, try my Workout Sandwich©, which includes a pre- and a post-workout shake every time you train. Flooding your bloodstream with branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) before and after training protects muscle and delay fatigue. It also has a built-in anabolic effect. Trust me.

For a nutrient rich, balanced and complete breakfast, or as a post-workout recovery drink, add a mix of fresh & frozen fruit (papaya, mango, banana, blueberries) to 1 cup of filtered water, one T. of The Sport Oil, ¼ - 1 tsp. vitamin C and 1-2 scoops of flavored or plain whey protein isolate. For added muscle strength, cartilage support and recovery value you can also add up to 5 grams of pure creatine monohydrate, L-glutamine or D-ribose powder, depending on your weight, gender, frequency of training and volume of activity. These three powerhouse supplements are also available in capsule form.

Without functional healthy muscle, you can’t knit or lift yourself out of the bathtub, let alone exercise or play recreational sport. The secret to maintaining muscle strength as we age is to flex and extend all of them routinely against resistance through their full range of motion AND to nourish them with the building blocks from which they are made. Otherwise, they shrink and whither away, along with our vital capacity, physical form and strength, stamina and vertical height. Resistance to infection, fatigue and disease also declines with sedentary age-related muscle loss (sarcopenia).

Like the earth, our cells work best in a pristine whole environment. Healthy muscle fibers require optimum amounts of oxygen and the right nutrients. If they are not challenged, adequately sustained and nurtured, their functional capacity and ability to withstand stress and decay definitely declines. Scientists believe we have the ability to live in good health until the age of 120-150. But we abuse ourselves, poison ourselves and neglect ourselves. And because almost everyone is doing it, we think its normal.