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eTraining Doing What Cannot Be Done

eTraining is a specialized method of exercise training I now teach at Camp Hawaii on Oahu. The idea began in 1969 when I received my first mail order lesson on Dynamic Tension from Charles Atlas. Little did I know at age 12 how such a simple, basic exercise program based on isometrics would evolve over time in my own life into my own dynamic method.

eTraining is a highly integrated program that incorporates every known element of fitness including power, speed, strength, balance, cardio, coordination, agility, stamina and flexibility. It is a truly holistic, balanced blend of natural bodybuilding, power lifting, Olympic lifting, stretching, sprint training, barefoot training, swimming and meditation.

The method is based on hard training, smart work, relaxation, intense workouts, controlled genetic expression, light therapy, energy conservation, biochemical individuality, cellular recovery and the element of consistency.

But what makes eTraining truly unique is the emphasis on biochemically unique whole food nutrition and the control of positive human emotion. No other program I know of puts the same emphasis on both optimum nutrition and training, because without both, we’re all lost in the mire. One without the other is incomplete. Not to eat for life and health and form and function is illogical. A futile persuasion.

Without optimum nutrition applied during the life time of any person engaged in this training for life, health and muscle method, all the benefits will be less than what are possible to achieve otherwise, especially if and when positive emotion is simultaneously controlled, harvested and combined with excellent nutrition.

Emotion and nutrition are absolutely interrelated, linked to each other, in as much as the food we eat and the thoughts we think. Both are connected one to the other. Brain biochemistry is as dependant on the right mix of micronutrients, enzymes and elements delivered through proper nutrition, as is a diver on breathing the right mix of pressured gases (air) while submerged during a deep ocean dive.

eTraining utilizes audio technology during workouts to incorporate sports nutrition, health and fitness tutorials into the limbic region of the brain. Tutorials are shuttled into neurons with special access genetic codes during and between exercise sets in between musical interludes.

It is now well known that certain regions of the brain associated with human motivation cannot be activated without the element of music. When the secret learning portal of the human mind is opened in response to the harmonic rhythm and special vibration of music, selected education tutorials that captivate our personal interest, can sneak in and remain forever available for future reference. Application during physical activity is essential due to the effects of movement and exercise training on increased oxygen consumption and improved vascular flow to the brain.

This technique repeated during each workout leads to an advanced state of desire and enthusiasm for life and health. Incorporating data in this fashion improves nutrition compliance, strengthens training resolve and secures long-term workout sustainability.

Any person who can continue doing what needs to be done without fail by definition is a success.

Of course above and beyond any training pattern, exercise method or nutrition philosophy is the supreme concept of consistency. Consistency is a pattern repeated without lapse. The best program in the world is useless if it isn’t applied, and if it isn’t being applied, then by default it isn’t the best program.

eTraining gets into your head literally and challenges the wherefore and the why of your mind and behavior. It tackles the cause and effect of inaction and addresses by necessity, any lack of devotion to health and fitness or nutrition. We all have our own failures and weaknesses to live with. But we also have something much greater, much stronger. The Power of Self-Confidence, Choice and Courage!

There is a key that must be turned "on" inside of everyone. If that key is turned off we have no direction, no real purpose. Turn the key on. It’s done inside from the inside out. Turn the key on and find purpose in your life. Life cannot be lived without purpose. To live without purpose is to die or move away from life. Turn the key on and live.

The "e" in eTraining stands for "eclectic". Eclectic is a wonderful word. An awesome word. It denotes an intelligent and mindful selection of what is deemed most effective from a wide variety of reliable sources. A series of excellent and outstanding choices made for the best and most productive outcome. If you had to choose, this is what you would choose.

A genuine, truly authentic eclectic training system doesn’t follow any one system. No way! It selects and uses the best elements of all systems combined. An element is a pure chemical substance consisting of only one type of atom. A system, keeping in mind the concept of "system's biology", is a set of interacting or interdependent entities that form an integrated whole.

There's that "whole" word again. There's something rich and real about whole. Whole sounds better than fragmented or processed. Sue ate the whole thing. On the whole, the gym is improving. After his first workout Bill was delighted to find himself whole again. The gym has a whole new set of barbells and dumbbells.

Like the Borg depicted in Star Trek, eTraining takes anything it wants or needs from everything at will for the soul benefit of its own growth, self-preservation and highest level of performance. But unlike that particular Borg, this one harms no one and hurts nothing. Kind of like a Buddhist Borg, a collective of intense unified kindness. Do no harm and stay out of harm’s way. Very simple, very naturopathic.

Eclecticism is an ancient and traditional approach that combines silver and gold with radiant pearls, rare gems and precious stones. It takes the diamonds and everything good and magnificent from a certain idea, concept or scientific principle, then integrates it into a whole, making the whole even stronger. Like adding vitamins to whole food. It make’s what is good even better. It makes the bridge stronger, the plane safer.

The whole once formed becomes a matrix of undeniable power and strength that always gets better. Over time the forces created become unstoppable. Desire is created from within from the positive emotions of confidence and faith in Self. The war against self ends and this frees the true spirit of health and happiness to reveal itself. It is in this Spirit where enthusiasm for life is found.

eTraining approved workouts are embraced and never perceived as an option, for without the calculated action and the application of the work, the desired effect and multiple benefits are lost. One cannot find value from nothing applied. Nothing times nothing is nothing.

The ultimate goal is to adapt to the right program with as much fluidity as possible. Adaptability is our crowning glory. But where does adaptability stand in comparison to the power of conceptualization? To conceptualize is to create, and the ability to create something out and from our thoughts is our crowning virtue. Our destiny therefore, lies to some degree, on the thoughts that we think and things that we do.

Analyze the data then decide. Once committed stay committed. Pursue the course. This is what true health is all about. The objective is to stay alive and stay well. For that we need the medicine of exercise and nutrition driven by the forces of logic and positive emotion.

eTraining is similar to the force to Chi. It cannot perish. Chi is the energy of life that flows. Inherent Chi is the energy we receive from our parents at the time of conception. Acquired Chi is the energy accumulated by the quality of life we choose to lead and the food and air we ingest.

In order to absorb and integrate the external universal energy we must learn to integrate and strengthen the fundamental life force within. To live life with meaning is the meaning of life.

Good health is learning to live in harmony with all aspects of our internal world so that we may be in balance and good relationship with all aspects of our external world.

As always, stay well and live free... CH