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Vitamin Safety

It’s amazing how many people are scared to take vitamins (even at moderate doses), yet they won’t hesitate to swallow prescription medication, smoke tobacco, drink alcohol or eat junk food loaded with trans-fats, refined sugars and synthetic chemicals.

A recent article published in several mainstream medical journals has created quite a stir in the medical profession. It reports on the incidence of serious and fatal adverse drug reactions (ADRs) in hospitals over a 30-year period. Based on a detailed meta-analysis (which combines statistical methods from different studies), a reported 106,000 patients died as a direct result of taking medication as prescribed. That makes ADRs the fourth leading cause of death in America, preceded only by heart disease, stroke and cancer.

The most toxic of the lot included pain medications, antibiotics, cardiac drugs and drugs that alter brain biochemistry. In the last ten years, not one soul has died from taking vitamins as directed and studies keep pouring out around the world regarding vitamin safety and effectiveness for health management. Imagine walking into a health food store and having the ability to buy any drug you wanted without a prescription. Maybe the reason you can’t is because they’ll kill you.

Why Doctors Are 9,000 Times More Likely to Accidentally Kill You Than Gun Owners

Another estimate by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) states that as many as 98,000 people die each year in the U.S. from medical errors. The estimate is considered low because it looked only at deaths of patients in hospitals and did not include medical-error deaths at nursing homes, emergency rooms or in doctors’ offices.

Here are the numbers in black and white:

Number of physicians in the U.S.

Accidental deaths caused by physicians per year

Accidental deaths per physician

Number of gun owners in the U.S.

Number of accidental gun deaths per year

Accidental deaths per gun owner

Medical errors are a problem that has been hidden from the public for far too long. It’s time to wake up people!