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Tracy's Contest Diet

Tracy's Contest Preparation Diet
(100 days prior to last month before contest)

7:30am Upon Rising
1 large glass of filtered water (3 litres of water & club soda (sodium-free) with lemon or lime daily)

8:00am Meal 1 Supplements
Pre-Workout Shake  
1 cup freshly squeezed carrot or grapefruit juice 1000mg HMB
1 scoop Vanilla (V) whey protein isolate powder 1000mg RIBOSE
1 T. Sport Oil 2 caps GINGKO BILOBA
5g L-glutamine powder 1000mg Glucosamine sulfate (GS)
1 tsp vitamin C powder (calcium ascorbate) 500mg Shark Cartilage (SC)

8:30am 1 cup strong fresh ground organic coffee with 2 scoops Chocolate (C) whey protein isolate  
10:00am WORKOUT ROUTINE (1 1/2 litres filtered water with SISU HYDRADE)

11:30am Meal 2 (Immediately after training at the gym)
Post-Workout Shake (pre-mixed at home and taken in a thermos) 400mg Vit E 1000mg RIBOSE
1-cup water 1 cod liver oil cap 1200mg Ester-C Supreme
2 scoops (V) whey protein isolate powder 25mg B-Complex 1000mg GS/500mg SC
1 cup frozen blueberries 60mg COQ10 25,000mg Beta-carotene
½ banana 30mg Zinc Plus 4 Ecomer (shark liver oil)
1 T. Sport Oil 3000mg mixed EFAs 100mg Grape Seed Extract (GSE)
5g L-glutamine powder 1000mg HMB   
3g creatine monohydrate powder  
1 tsp vitamin C powder (calcium ascorbate)  
1 cup oatmeal w/filtered water  

12:30pm Meal 3 Supplements
Turkey breast 1200mg Ester-C Supreme
4 egg whites (scrambled) B-12 (2000mcg by injection)
Raw vegetables w/herb seasoning  

3:30pm Meal 4
2 servings Fresh fruit (mangos, papaya, apples, pears, pineapple) or Raw Vegetables

6:30pm Meal 5
Extra large green salad
White fish or turkey/chicken breast
Steamed kale or spinach or broccoli or green beans
Small serving wild rice
7:00pm EVENING WALK 20 minutes
1 cup Herbal tea

8:00pm Meal 6  
Evening Shake Supplements
1 cup filtered water 2 Calcium citrate/malate
2 scoops chocolate whey protein isolate 2 Only Minerals
1-cup blueberries, pear or green apple 2 Magnesium citrate/malate
5g L-glutamine 200mcg chromium citrate
1 tsp vitamin C powder (calcium ascorbate) 2000mg mixed EFAs
  1000mg GS / 500mg SC
  4 Ecomer
  400mg Vit E
  3mg Melatonin
  100mg (GSE)