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The New Sports Nutrition

Female Focus: What Women Want

It's no mystery that there's no quick fix, magic bullet or potion for anyone who is ultimately concerned about health and fitness and their ability to perform with excellence in life.

To be a disciplined woman in the year 2005 is a very powerful concept. To resist the temptations of your environment, to have strong control and higher expectations of yourself above mediocrity and to have the will not to "go with the flow", is truly a rebel stature in our North American lifestyle.

I don't think that anyone would rebuke the fact that energy output = energy input. Life is energy, isn't that what women want? All life arises out of choice. Making the right choices in the right combination create a positive balance of energy.

Let's start our journey with a trip to the health food store. There are so many fantastic products on the market today that can enhance athletic performance, stamina, attitude, beauty, and the list goes on…I find the blender to be a key component in my choice making when I purchase products.

I begin and end my day with a whey protein shake. I find this helps me to stay lean, keep my energy level up and believe it or not, it really helps to curb my sweet tooth. I sleep better at night and have a more positive outlook in life. I add Cory's Sport Oil to my whey protein shakes. Udo Erasmus says "take as much oil until your skin feels soft" and I must say I have soft skin and my joints also appreciate the essential fatty acids.

Adequate rest and sound sleep are of paramount importance. Most women I talk to definitely don't get enough (sleep that is). There are no hard and fast rules about how much sleep is enough, but to operate at peak efficiency during the day with a sense of vitality, adults need about 7 ½ hours each night. Some of us can function on as little as 5, while others perform better on 9-10.

Drink plenty of filtered water everyday. This is such a simple rule for good health, but again most women don't get enough (water that is).

So if you're doing all the above faithfully then you will undoubtedly have more energy. Now the fun begins.

Do you know that we have close to 700 muscles in our body that need exercise? Join a gym! You'll be surprised at how many people you'll meet just like yourself, people with different goals perhaps but the gym is the common denominator. Keeping mom in mind, most gyms today have regular daycare. Believe me the kids enjoy it too.

Train for at least 1 hour four to five days a week. To reap the benefits that you and your friends will notice, it's essential to train with some intensity and when you finally buy that gym membership, USE IT! I guarantee it will be the best investment you'll ever make. Hey, I met my husband at the gym along with most of my closest friends!

Why not start a dance class, martial arts or yoga class at your nearest community center? Buy a home gym or a few pieces of equipment such as a stationary bike or a treadmill. Just think, you can exercise, do business on the phone and mind the kids while they're watching TV all at the same time.

There are plenty of workout videos on the market today to suit your needs. Plug one in the VCR while the kids are napping or on your day off. You can also use some light dumbbells to intensify your workout. A good habit to get into is to take a family walk right after dinner and above all, don't eat before you go to bed, unless it's a protein shake (and kids like them too).

Like I said earlier, insufficient protein intake increases sugar cravings in men, women and children and we know that sugar turns to fat and what that does to our waistline. So up that protein ladies, don't be afraid. Sports nutrition products are scientifically designed and formulated with your lifestyle, energy and recovery needs in mind. Check them out!

Tracy Holly is a health & fitness activist and writes nutrition and fitness articles for various health magazines. She is the Fitness Event Coordinator for the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA), competes in Ms. Fitness and natural bodybuilding and teaches Latin & Ballroom dancing.