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Volume 4

Q: Tracy, I am a 30 year old female and I have been training for many years, my friends tell me I look good and I should enter a bodybuilding or fitness competition, how do I get started?

A: That’s great go for it! Now remember that the purpose of competing is not always to win but to experience the journey and raise your standard of health not the opposite. First find out which competitions are in your region and set a date, I’m sure that your local gym can help you with this information. Every organization has a website, log on to find out contest information and which categories are available to enter, be it fitness, figure, bodybuilding or fitness model. They will also provide the details of each category, and any prerequisites that need be.

I would suggest you visit www.wnso.com they are a reputable organization with many competitions throughout Canada. Once you’ve made your decision then you can hire a trainer to assist you with poses and selection of music for your choreographed routine. Then, it’s just a matter of focusing on your goal and enjoying the process. This commitment takes discipline and hard work that will definitely be exciting and very rewarding. Make sure to hire a photographer and have professional pictures taken. Pictures are always fun to look back on. Best of Luck and I’ll see you on stage!

Q: Cory what are some of the major differences between the Athlete’s Food Pyramid (AFP) you designed for the CSNA education program and the Canada Food Guide (CFG)?

A: Simple. The AFP is based on science, biological medicine, function, athletic performance and optimum health, the other serves the dairy, meat and corporate mainstream food industry. The foundation of the AFP is filtered pure water, fresh live juice and natural health products, which the CFG doesn’t even mention. Don’t think for one minute that food at its best provides ‘everything’ we need, that’s an outdated myth. The best nutrition bar none for everyone on this planet is non-contaminated fresh whole organic food combined with high-quality dietary supplements.

Primary foods of the AFP include high-water volume, alkaline forming, enzyme rich, low-glycemic organic fruits & vegetables; the CFG recommends exactly the opposite; low-water volume, acid-forming, enzyme poor, high-glycemic non-organic dense starches, such as lots of bread, bagels, muffins, noodles & pasta. The AFP also emphasizes wild tissue protein, cultured dairy products, fresh live oils, natural sweeteners and limited amounts of peas, beans, lentils, legumes, whole grains, nut & seeds. The objective with high-carb/high-fat calorie dense food (however natural) is to provide the body with the energy and micronutrients it requires to optimize function & form, not weigh the body down with unnecessary mass (if you know what I mean!)

Q: Tracy, I spoke with you at a trade show and you mentioned that you take shark liver oil. Can you tell me a little more about this product? A: The shark liver oil I’ve taken for many years in called Ecomer® and is one of my personal favorites. I believe Ecomer® to be a very powerful immune system builder. Ecomer® is produced through a patented process designed in Sweden. The process extracts an active ingredient – alkylglycerols (a group of lipids that are closely related to triglycerides, but differ in significant ways). Ecomer® is made from the liver of Greenland Sharks, a non-endangered species originally caught for their meat, cartilage and liver. The alkylglycerols in Ecomer® are carefully screened for contaminants before encapsulation and transforms it into a safe and effective supplement. For more information on Ecomer® visit www.sisuheath.com