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Volume 13

Q: Cory, where can you find a good doctor that helps athletes? When you get all of your blood work done where do you go? What do you test your blood for? Recently I had my blood checked. The doctor didn't want to check my homocysteine levels because the medical system doesn't think it needs to be tested?

A: Over the years I have developed many excellent relationships with physicians who are sympathetic to natural medicine. Wonderful men and women who workout, promote natural food and NHPs and who are dedicated to the philosophy of optimum health and wellness. But they are few and far between. My own personal physician is a friend and a teacher. He authorizes the blood work that I request and pay for myself.

It's my body and I want certain tests performed that mainstream medicine rarely checks, such as C-reactive protein, homocysteine, cortisol, testosterone, DHEA-sulfate, plasma glutamine, antioxidants, serum ferritin, complete thyroid panel, etc. I record everything, plot it on a graph and compare my results to previous years. This helps me keep my diet, lifestyle and workout routine in check and truly prevents disease. In addition to blood chemistry analysis I also utilize fitness assessments, body composition analysis, hair analysis, chiropractic, massage, biological terrain therapy, etc... For a complete outline of screening procedures visit Recommended Analytical Procedures.

Canadian medicine has a dark side seldom revealed in the media. Medical intervention is often unnecessary and even hazardous except for emergency medical treatment. These are tough words but look at the facts and talk to people who have been through the "ringer". The system and the people who abuse it are bankrupting our economy. The emphasis is on treatment not prevention and the method of treatment generally excludes natural remedies in favor of toxic highly profitable medication that often violates the prime directive of medicine "Primum non nocere"(First, do no harm). The medical profession really misses the boat when it comes to living, knowing and strongly promoting optimum nutrition and exercise as the most reliable and powerful medicine on the planet. Too bad, but that doesn't mean we have to wait for the next sailing.

As a free-thinking adult human being I don't really care what anyone thinks when it comes to my life and health. If a health professional disagrees with a test or procedure I want done and can't convince me otherwise with facts and objective reason, I have the right to seek another opinion and ultimately make my own decision. I don't depend on anyone to look after my health, that's my job. That is the "work" of health. A physician is only a guide or counselor. I'm entirely in charge of looking after me. That is my responsibility and I embrace my role as the master and commander of my own ship. But I do benefit greatly from research, experience, and the guidance of various like-minded health professionals and mentors who I select to form my own personal health team. After all, they're working for me and not the other way around.

Q: Tracy, my hands look old and transparent and my nails are brittle and ridged. I work in the kitchen and do cleaning chores; my hands are in water quite a bit. What can I do or take to help my poor hands and nails?

A: Nails are the mirror of the body and can signal a disorder inside. An insufficient supply of minerals such as calcium, silica, iron and zinc is often related. A lack of B-complex vitamins can also cause nail problems. Drinking fresh organic juices rich in chlorophyll helps to strengthen nails as well as stinging nettle and horsetail in a tincture or tea.

It's not always practical to wear rubber gloves, but, that is one solution when working in water. It's a good idea to have a natural herbal blend cream right next to every sink in the house. Smooth it on your hands after drying. Keep vitamin E, propolis or an essential oil next to your bed. Each night before you retire massage one of these natural health products well into your cuticles and hands. This will stimulate blood flow to the area and promote healing. Treat yourself to a professional manicure and pedicure. The treatment is relaxing, grooms nails to grow correctly and prevents problems with fungus.