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It's a Fulltime Job

Yes folks, good health is a full time job. It’s a 4-letter word; spelled W.O.R.K. Thought is the first level of creation, so be clear and mindful of what you think. You can observe yourself recreate yourself and change what you desire. All life arises out of choice.

If you don’t like what you have chosen for yourself choose again. This requires tremendous mental and physical effort. It entails constant monitoring and continued choice making. Sounds like a full time job but don’t give up; see if your choices serve you, given who and what you wish to be.

Positive change is seldom achieved overnight, it is slow and graceful. Often, the things that change slowly in our lives are the most meaningful. Patience in this regard is indeed a virtue.

One prerequisite of good health is a strong immune system. This is the first line of defense to “dis-ease” in the body. To maintain total fitness you need to weight train, exercise aerobically and stretch. Believe it or not, this should only take 1 hour out of your day. Hydration is a big one. Water, water and more water…then we know where you can be found!

Fresh fruit in season, raw vegetable salads with homemade essential fatty acid (EFA) dressings and high quality protein should be included in your diet. Refined carbohydrates – bagels, muffins, breads and cookies should be a treat not a staple. These foods can disrupt intestinal health and cause insulin resistance, which can damage the body.

I couldn’t imagine my life without dietary supplements, whey protein shakes, herbs and various sport nutrition products and of course, complimentary health care. This approach enhances what I already have. Bedtime Bliss – plenty of rest and sleep is essential to energy, healing and good looks.

There is always a holiday party, B.B.Q. or function on our social calendar. If you’re like me you don’t want to miss out on the fun, so before a get together, rest up and take plenty of antioxidants to reduce the effects of a good time, especially B-complex, Ester-C & vitamin E. If you want to play you’ve got to pay, but this way it doesn’t cost as much. So demonstrate what you already know, because what you resist persists.