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Join a Gym! Don't Weight


I can’t begin to tell you what a significant role the gym has been in my life. For 17 years I’ve trotted to the gym, rain or shine, whether I felt like it or not. The presumption of knowing I’ll feel better when it’s over sustains me.

I find it very comforting to meet other human wonders of the world that gather to increase their strength, endurance and a sense of well-being. A smile, a laugh and the sharing of training stories are all part of a healthy workout. This alone has helped me through tough times. The gym is a place to go to forget my troubles and to let out physical, mental and emotional anguish through pumping iron and moving my body to upbeat music. The outcome is always the same; my troubles may still be there, but my attitude is more positive and my energy level is higher.

A few prerequisites to joining a gym include things like convenience, hours of operation, personal trainers & program coordinators, showers, lockers, cardio equipment, fitness classes and extra features like a pool, sauna or steam bath. Everyone has different needs so “look and ye shall find”.

Train for at least 1 hour four to five days a week. To reap the benefits that you and your friends will notice, it’s essential to train with some intensity and when you finally buy that gym membership, USE IT! I guarantee it will be the best investment you’ll ever make. Hey, I met my husband at the gym along with most of my closest friends!

You’ll see other members transform their bodies…ask questions…recognize their work. If you see someone doing a specific exercise you’d like to add to your own routine, ask a professional trainer to demonstrate the proper execution. Don’t watch someone hack away and copy cat. This is the cause of many gym injuries.

Here’s my program advice for a well-rounded winning combination that will increase your energy, fat loss and lean muscle mass.

1) Drink at least 1 litre of filtered water during each workout.

2) Take whey protein shakes at least once a day; best time is before & especially after exercise.

3) Get started on a multi-vitamin, mineral & antioxidant program.

4) Sports nutrition products are scientifically designed and formulated with your lifestyle, energy & recovery needs in mind. Check them out!

This is the year 2005. We have close to 700 muscles in our body that need exercise. Join a gym! You’ll be surprised at how many people you’ll meet just like yourself, people with different goals perhaps but the gym is the common denominator. It’s a solid foundation to build lasting friendships and the strong healthy body you deserve. See you there!