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Sleep: Restore the Power of Your Body

Insufficient rest can cause fatigue and compromise productivity, but did you know that sleep deprivation can also result in mild personality changes, create problems in relationships and contribute to memory loss?

If you haven’t slept well you’re going to feel tired the next day. Scientists believe sleep disturbance is a common response to changes in our lives, such as trouble at the office or self-induced anxiety as a response to stress. For most of us, normal sleep patterns return after the daytime problem or source of worry goes away or gets better.

There are no hard and fast rules about how much sleep is enough, but to operate at peak efficiency during the day with a sense of vitality, adults need about 7 ½ hours each night. Some of us can function on as little as 5, while others perform better on 9-10.

I know many people who just hate going to bed. They feel that sleep is a waste of time and a function of mortal weakness. Perhaps…but like it or not, sleep is a time to achieve balance and restoration. It prepares us for the new day ahead. Sleep provides nourishment to the nervous system, relaxation to our muscles and rest for the mind. The body needs adequate rest and sleep to maintain optimum health and vitality.

Tips to help achieve a restful sleep:

* Avoid alcohol, tobacco, sugar and rich foods before bedtime.

* A wholesome diet and regular exercise promote healthy fatigue.

* Try a hot bath with relaxing essential oils before bedtime.

* Don’t exercise directly before retiring (that is stimulating).

* Make your bedroom quiet, comfortable and a restful place to sleep.

* Relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation provide peace of mind.

* Try homeopathic Calms Forte’ or herbs such as chamomile, kava kava or valerian root.

* Calcium, magnesium, inositol or niacinamide - all of these relax & promote sleep.

* Go to bed at the same time each night as our bodies love routine.

By using the synergy of these helpful tips, going to bed can be a positive ritual.

If there is any anger, blame, resentment, fear, guilt, jealousy or rage…LET IT GO! Peaceful your mind and body as you drift off too sleep (not always easy to do) but as Scarlett O’Hara once said “I’m just too tired to think about it right now, I’ll think about it in the morning”.