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Articles written by Cory Holly


A Journey of Self-Discovery
A Glossary of Terms
Adrenal Exhaustion
Cell Phones
Dive Into Health
Foundation for Success
Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load
How to Raise Athletes... Not Couch Potatoes
Kids at Heart
Let Go and Let Health
Life Is In The Blood
Motivation for Life
Natural Remedies for Sports Injuries
Tanita Body Composition Assessment (BIA)
The ABCs of Sports Nutrition
The Art of Sports Nutrition
The Chemistry of Insulin
The Dope on Doping
The Intelligent Choice
The Luck of the Draw
The Myth of Muscle Memory
The Necessity of Education
The New Sports Nutrition
The Rules of the Game
The Rules of the Game II
The Rules of the Game III
The Science of Emoducation
The Science of Sports Nutrition
The Thyroid Gland: Metabolic Power Throttle
The True Measure of a Man
The True Wealth of Health

A New Paradigm of Sports Nutrition
Cheating on Your Diet
Cory's Diet Plan - 100 Days Out
Cory's Morning Protein Shake Recipe
Cory's Personal Nutrition & Health Program
Four Eggs A Day
Importance of Nutrition
Lifestyle Nutrition for Active Seniors
Recommended Analytical Procedures
Silent Inflammation
Smart Fats for Active Lifestyles
Spirulina: Nature's Superfood
Sports Nutrition for Kids
The Athlete's Food Pyramid
The Battle of the Bulge: Resistance is Futile
The Glycemic Index of Carbs
The Importance of Protein
The Power of Chi
The Super Antioxidants
What is Sports Nutrition?
When Natural isn't Better


12 Variables That Influence Human Performance
A Stitch in Time...Hurts!!
Back to the Gym
Biological Bodybuilding
Body Athletic
Cory's Millennium Workout
Do You Look Like You Train?
eTraining Doing What Cannot Be Done
Five Steps To Health
Kids Need Exercise too
Lactic Acid: Friend or Foe?
Looking Out for #1
Meal Replacements
Performance Nutrition for the Active Lifestyle
Put Yourself To "The Test" - How Fit Are You?
Running for Life
Sports Injuries: Prevention is the Best Medicine
The Benefits of Exercise
The Enigma of the Ectomorph
The Ideal Workout Routine
The Trouble with Intensity
Twelve Training Principles
Weight Training - Part I
Weight Training - Part II
Weight Training - Part III
Natural Health Products

Alpha-Lipoic Acid
Androstenedione: Position Statement
Blend Your Way To Health
Charging Up with Electrolytes
Creatine is Good for Every Body
Glutamine Builds More than Muscle
HMB for Stamina, Strength & Immunity
HMB: A Sleeping Giant
Natural Health Products: The Intelligent Choice
Pantothenic Acid (B5)
Protection and Lubrication: Oil Up for the Sport of Life
Ribose: Heart, Muscle and Energy Food
Shake & Take
Sterols & Sitosterolins for Athletes
Sugar: Good, Bad and the Ugly
The Discovery of Vitamins
The Hierarchy of Athletic Supplements
The Other Side of the Supplement Coin
The Right Whey for Women
The Right Whey Protein
The Science of Emoducation
Thinking Positive about Supplements
Vitamin Safety
Whey and Soy Protein
Whey Protein Isolate: Safe & Still the Best 'Whey' to Go
Why Doctors Don't Prescribe Natural Health Products


Canadian Natural Health Retailer Interview
CH Interview NutraBeauty News
Clayton College Interview
Colgan Chronicles Interview
Colgan Chronicles Interview II
Energy Magazine Interview
Infofit Bulletin 2010
Online Fitness Magazine Interview
Shared Vision Interview


CHI Athletes Food Pyramid
CHI Carb Quality Chart
CHI Creatine Dosage Guideline Chart
CHI Fat Quality Chart
CHI Hierarchy Of Athletic Supplements Pyramid
CHI Protein Dosage Guideline Chart
CHI Protein Quality Chart


Female Focus by Tracy Holly


Ballroom Dancing: Hot Cha Cha!
Ballroom Dancing: Old, New, Borrowed & Hot Blooded
Ballroom Dancing: Sport, Hobby or Recreation?
Happy New You
Hop, Skip and Jump Start Your Kids
It's a Fulltime Job
Join a Gym! Don't Weight
Linda Cusmano Interview
Sleep: Restore the Power of Your Body
Tracy's 3-day Workout Schedule
Who's Life is it Anyway?

I Bet You Can't Eat Just One
Pet Peeve
The New Sports Nutrition
Tracy's Contest Diet
What Women Want


Dressing for Success
Let's Talk Turkey
My Big Fabulous Greek Salad
Oatmeal: Hearty, Healthy & Soulful
Roasted Garlic
The Best All Round Date Squares
The Eggs-traordinary Incredible Edible Egg!

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Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
Volume 5
Volume 6
Volume 7
Volume 8
Volume 9
Volume 10
Volume 11
Volume 12
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CSNA Students & Graduates & Special Guest Articles

Revving Up Your Metabolism by Karen Mckoy

Fitness and Strength Training Past 50 by George B Boedecker