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Volume 10 Number 6 SNU June 2011 Download Preview

  • Clinical Review: PSN No. 8: Dietary Supplements
  • He-Said-She-Said: Highway To Health World Tour Update
  • Special Guest Interview: Nancy Lockington: FemSport for Women
Nancy Lockington is a dedicated health and fitness professional with a strong competitive athletic background. She is a former Canadian National Gymnast with 32 years as a Level II NCCP Gymnastics Instructor.

Nancy’s experience as a National Fitness Competitor, a Competitive Fitness Consultant and a BCRPA Personal Trainer led to the creation of Purely Natural Fitness and Femsport Athletics, a fast growing, all female, physically challenging competition.

FEMSPORT was founded in September 2000 and is focused on providing a very unique annual event which challenges female athletes and non-athletes to test their strength, agility, power, endurance and speed.

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