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Volume 11 Number 7 SNU July 2012 Download Preview

  • Clinical Review: Contest Preparation: Mr. Hawaii 2013
  • He-Said-She-Said: CHI Monthly Update
  • Special Guest Interview: Remy Moelchand CSNA: Health Perspective from the Netherlands
Remy Moelchand is a Master Personal Trainer and Sports Physiotherapist, and is currently studying for his university degree in exercise physiology. Remy's Performenz Institute, located in six different sport centers in the Netherlands, is an innovative and integrative Sports Physiotherapy, strength training and high-end Personal Training Practice.

As a national Dutch Fitness Examiner, Remy has completed over 30 courses in strength training, sport, weight lifting, personal training and nutrition including Dr. Colgan's Power Program and the CSNA education program. Remy is a Taekwondo instructor and as a competitor, he won the national taekwondo championships twice and place third in the European Championships.

In addition to managing his Performenz Institute, Remy teaches anatomy and exercise physiology. He combines nutrition science with all of his training programs and promotes a holistic, functional and health-centered lifestyle.

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