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Volume 12 Number 11 SNU November 2013 Download Preview

  • Clinical Review: The Science of Living Well: Calorie Restriction & Neuroplasticity
  • He-Said-She-Said: CHI Monthly Update
  • Special Guest Interview: Brad King: Whey Protein vs. Plant Protein & Beer Belly Blues
Brad King is a nutritional researcher and one of Canada's most sought after authorities on nutrition, obesity, longevity and men's health. He holds a masters in nutritional science and is certified by the International Sports Sciences Association. Aside from being a visiting professor at Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine, Brad also sits on the Expert Editorial Advisory Panel of the Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor Education Program offered world-wide by the Cory Holly Institute.

Brad is the author of 11 books including the international best sellers, Fat Wars, Bio-Age and the award winning Beer Belly Blues. In 2003 he was inducted into the Sports Nutrition Hall of Fame and in 2010 he was awarded with the Best in Canada Award for Health Motivator/Educator & Public Speaker.

Brad's main motto is; It's not that you age... it's how you choose to age that matters.

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