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Volume 16 Number 9 SNU September 2017 Download Preview

  • Clinical Review: Why Physicians Don't Prescribe Vitamins
  • He-Said-She-Said: CHI Monthly Update
  • Special Guest Interview: Udo Erasmus: Total Sexy Health
Udo earned his Bachelor of Science from the University of British Columbia, followed by graduate studies in biochemistry and genetics. He is the author of Fats and Oils, Fats That Heal Fats That Kill, Choosing the Right Fats and Omega-3 Cuisine. His latest release is called The Book on Total Sexy Health.

In 2005 Udo Erasmus was inducted into the CHFA Hall of Fame for his tireless efforts educating the public about the difference between good oils and bad oils and for pioneering higher production standards of unrefined flax and other polyunsaturated fat-rich oils.

To set new standards for food oils and other health-supporting consumer products, the Udo's Choice health product line was created in 1994. The Udo's Choice brand includes EFA-rich oil blends, probiotic blends, digestive enzyme blends, a prebiotic fiber blend, a super greens blend with fermented greens, and pet supplements.

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