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Volume 3 Number 3 SNU March 2004 Download Preview

  • Clinical Review: Sports Nutrition: Sales & Service
  • He-Said-She-Said: Charity Begins at Home
  • Special Guest Interview: Rob Holly - How To Buy A Car. The Human Element.
Rob Holly's sales experience spans twenty years in the automotive industry. He was the general manager at a BC jeep dealership where he helped achieve and maintain a number one standing amongst all jeep dealers in Canada . Rob also helped another Chrysler dealer outperform and maintain some of the highest CSI ratings in the country set by the manufacturer.

Rob's success in sales is primarily due to product knowledge, ethical business practice, dedication to his career and a great sense of humour. Rob has a great reputation in the automotive industry and a very positive repore with his colleagues and associates.

Rob is currently self-employed. He buys and sells virtually every make and model of car on the market and is an expert in the assessment and appraisal of any vehicle's value. On a personal level Rob is also committed to a lifestyle of fitness, good nutrition and healthy living.

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