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Volume 3 Number 8 SNU August 2004 Download Preview

  • Clinical Review: Sports Injuries: Part Two
  • He-Said-She-Said: Seeking Approval
  • Special Guest Interview: Stewart Brown - Genuine Health Products That Nourish The Body.

Stewart Brown, President and Owner of ehn (pronounced 'N') inc., has been in the complementary health industry for over twenty-five years. Stewart began in the natural products industry as a sales representative, which led him to open his own vitamin store--Supplements Plus--in Toronto in 1986. After being approached by nutritional researcher and product developer, Sam Graci, Stewart began distribution of the award-winning greens+ in his retail stores in 1996.

Due to the success of this venture, the decision was made to concentrate on distribution. Stewart sold the Supplements Plus stores in the summer of 1998 and renamed his company ehn Inc. Since then, many new and innovative products have been developed and launched by Stewart to distribute along with greens+.

Stewart's extensive experience and commitment to the natural health industry is widely recognized. The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine acknowledged this contribution by awarding Stewart with an Honorary Doctor of Naturopathic Philosophy degree in 2001. Stewart obtained his degree in Economics from the University of Western Ontario and has also served on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Health Food Association.

Stewart's dedication and desire to encourage the development of the industry - both by supporting natural health education and by developing and researching unique, new, effective and safe supplements - ensures he will continue to be a prominent influence for many more years to come.

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