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Volume 6 Number 3 SNU March 2007 Download Preview

  • Clinical Review: Recreational Drugs: Coffee & Caffeine
  • He-Said-She-Said: When the Going Gets Tough the Tough Get Going!
  • Special Guest Interview: Dr. Elvis Ali: Athletes, Education & Natural Treatment
Dr. Ali is a licensed naturopathic doctor. He graduated with his first degree, a B.Sc. in Biology in 1979 and received a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine in the first full-time undergraduate class from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 1987.

Elvis Ali has been in private practice for 20 years specializing in Chinese medicine, sports medicine and nutrition. In 2006, Dr. Ali completed his studies on Body/Mind Medicine at Harvard Medical School and is a member of the postgraduate association at Harvard. He is currently involved in seminars, quality control, research and development of nutritional products at Swiss Natural Sources.

Dr. Ali has published many papers and written and co-authored 12 books, including, Ask Dr Elvis How to Maintain Optimum Wellness and Menopause οΎ– A Complementary Approach. Dr. Ali has also conducted lectures internationally and has appeared on a number of radio and TV shows.

His mission is to educate the public, to be a spokesperson for complementary health and wellness options, and through continued research in the field of naturopathic medicine, bring safe and non-intrusive options into the public domain.

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