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Volume 8 Number 2 SNU February 2009 Download Preview

  • Clinical Review: The Essentials: Supply Your Biological Demand
  • He-Said-She-Said: Highway To Health Update: The Lone Star State
  • Special Guest Interview: Gabriel Lightfriend: A Brighter Life
Gabriel Lightfriend has been involved in the natural health and healing movement for the past 30 years. Although he earned a degree in Physical Education at the University of B.C., much of his commitment toward health has included owning and operating a natural foods store, teaching workshops on energy balancing and meditation, and fulfilling his long-time role as the Sales & Marketing Manager for Flora Inc., a respected leader in the field of herbal medicine.

Gabriel is the author of two recently published books - A Brighter Life, which focuses on self-empowerment and holistic approaches in battling cancer, and Flowers Of Light, which offers an inspirational journey through life as seen through the eyes of an aging seeker and his illuminating garden.

Gabriel currently works with Life Extension as Northwest Regional Sales Manager. In this role he supports health food stores, integrative medical clinics, holistic pharmacies and practitioners with anti-aging product education through seminars, staff training, radio and literature.

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