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Volume 2 Number 1 SNU January 2003 Download Preview

  • Clinical Review: The Art and Science of Sport Nutrition: Defined
  • He-Said-She-Said: Get motivated to train in the New Year
  • Special Guest Interview: Shelly Lynn Hughes - VISTA Magazine, Getting the Knowledge Out There.
Shelly has been actively involved in the health and fitness industry for thirteen years. She is a founding partner and the Marketing Director for both VISTA Magazine and VISTA Publishing. Shelly is a motivational speaker and has a regular advice column in VISTA called "Ask Shelly". She holds the title of Miss BC 2001 in Lightweight Bodybuilding and also runs a very busy and successful personal training company. Shelly is a member of the Sports Nutrition Advisory Council for the Canadian Health Food Association and actively competes on the international athletic stage in the Miss Galaxy Nova Series.

Volume 2 Number 2 SNU February 2003 Download Preview

  • Clinical Review: The Art and Science of Weight Training
  • He-Said-She-Said: That which does not Kill Us, Makes us Stronger
  • Special Guest Interview: Norm Danniels - BodyPlus, Recovery and Recuperation.
With over 18 years experience in the Health and Fitness industry, Norm Danniels is considered one of Canada's leading sports nutrition specialists. In 1983 Norm founded Body Plus, a company that specializes in the development and distribution of nutritional supplements for people with active lifestyles. Norm is also a member of the Expert Editorial Advisory Panel selected by the Canadian Health Food Association to assist in the editing and promotion of the Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor Education Program.

Norm regularly lectures throughout Ontario covering a variety of topics, including enhancing athletic performance, reducing body fat levels and improving overall health and vitality. Whether it's training Health Food Retailers or speaking directly to consumers, Norm takes the confusion out of sports nutrition. Norm is also the owner of Toronto's oldest fitness club, and as a competitive bodybuilder throughout the 80s, Norm knows first hand the nutritional challenges active people face.

Volume 2 Number 3 SNU March 2003 Download Preview

  • Clinical Review: The Essential Keys To Training Success (Part I)
  • He-Said-She-Said: Relationships, Choosing the Right Partner
  • Special Guest Interview: Daniel Crisafi - Focusing on Micronutrients for Young and Old.
Daniel Crisafi began weight training in 1968. He achieved his first diploma, a physical culture instructor's diploma from the Weider Institute in 1974, the youngest person ever to do so. At that time, the Weider Diploma was considered the equivalent of today's certification as a personal fitness trainer.

Dr. Crisafi holds a PhD in biochemistry, a master Herbalist's degree and a naturopathic degree. His personal involvement in the fitness and sports nutrition sector includes competitive bodybuilding in the early 1970s and competitive judoka, at both provincial and national levels. Daniel has also worked as a consultant to professional athletes for the last 16 years.

In his first book in 1986, Dr. Crisafi mentioned the importance of weight bearing exercise for achieving optimal health, losing body fat and maintaining bone mass, an unpopular theory at the time. Daniel still trains four to six days a week integrating both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Dr. Crisafi is also a member of the Expert Editorial Advisory Panel selected by the Canadian Health Food Association to assist in the editing and promotion of the Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor Education Program.

Volume 2 Number 4 SNU April 2003 Download Preview

  • Clinical Review: The Essential Keys To Training Success (Part II)
  • He-Said-She-Said: Staples, Snacks & Treats: Balance and Order
  • Special Guest Interview: Bruce Cole - Canadian Natural Health Retailer Magazine, This Industry Saves Lives.
Bruce Cole is the founder, publisher and editor of Canadian Natural Health Retailer (CNHR), a business trade magazine that covers the health food industry in Canada. Bruce studied at Humber College School of Journalism in Toronto, and began his career when he joined a small community newspaper in Toronto in 1977. His business career has encompassed corporate communication positions with Canada Life Insurance, Cintas Uniforms and Davis Controls, along with editing two community newspapers and a national trade magazine with the Southam Business Group.

Volume 2 Number 5 SNU May 2003 Download Preview

  • Clinical Review: The Essential Keys To Training Success (Part III)
  • He-Said-She-Said: A Review of SNU's First Year / Guest Speaker Highlights
  • Special Guest Interview: Dr. Michael Colgan - Train Your Body From The Inside Out!
Dr. Colgan is one of the world's most popular scientific experts in nutrition. He is a best-selling author, and travels the world lecturing on topics related to anti-aging, sports nutrition, human performance and hormonal health. Dr. Colgan has a distinguished reputation for expertise in sports nutrition science and functional fitness, and is an advisor to hundreds of elite athletes.

His many books include Prevent Cancer Now, Optimum Sports Nutrition, The New Nutrition, Hormonal Health, Your Personal Vitamin Profile, The New Power Program and his latest release, the Sports Nutrition Guide: Minerals, Vitamins & Antioxidant for Athletes.

Dr. Colgan was the first recipient of the CHFA Sports Nutrition Hall of Fame award in 2002 and his texts and research are utilized throughout the Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor education program, which has set a new international standard in sports nutrition education.

Volume 2 Number 6 SNU June 2003 Download Preview

  • Clinical Review: Skeletal System (Part I)
  • He-Said-She-Said: A Physical Job is Not Enough
  • Special Guest Interview: Dr. Fred Crawford - Vitamin, Mineral and Antioxidant Testing.
Dr. Crawford is Vice President of Operations at SpectraCell Laboratories located in Houston, Texas. Dr. Crawford directed the development and startup biotechnology at SpectraCell, which provides exclusive immunological testing services to physicians nationwide. His responsibilities include recruitment, laboratory and systems design, operations, research, human resources, technology transfer and client services.

Dr. Crawford earned his Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from Drexel University, Philadelphia in 1966 and his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the Medical College of Pennsylvania in 1972. He is an accomplished speaker and writer, and has published several papers on various topics including diabetes, cellular aging, antioxidants and homocysteine. In addition to his many professional accomplishments, Dr. Crawford also developed tests for measuring Intracellular Glutathione and Intracellular Functional Antioxidants.

Volume 2 Number 7 SNU July 2003 Download Preview

  • Clinical Review: Skeletal System (Part II)
  • He-Said-She-Said: Healthy Sex
  • Special Guest Interview: Dr. Tutti Gould - Homeopathy and Tissue Salts Recommended for Athletes.
Tutti is well known to Canadians and members of the Canadian Health Food Association. In addition to being a Naturopathic Physician and Chiropractor, she is a Neurolinguistics practitioner and a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy. Her background also includes training in Physiotherapy at McGill University.

Tutti is a teacher, lecturer and writer on homeopathic medicine for health care professionals, retailers and consumers. She is President of Hyland's Canada and is a Board member of the Canadian Homeopathic Pharmaceutical Association.

Tutti is the Editor-in-Chief for Health N' Vitality magazine and is a regular columnist for Alive magazine, Canadian Natural Health Retailer and Vitalite Quebec. She is the author of a new home study education program that specializes in tissue salts and homeopathic remedies and has maintained a private practice since 1982. Tutti also provides consulting services to chiropractors, pharmacists and naturopathic physicians on homeopathic products and treatment protocols.

Volume 2 Number 8 SNU August 2003 Download Preview

  • Clinical Review: Body Composition Management
  • He-Said-She-Said: It's never too late!
  • Special Guest Interview: Sherry Torkos - The Holistic Pharmacist.
Sherry Torkos is a holistic pharmacist, author and lecturer. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science in 1992. She is a practicing pharmacist at Falls Pharmacy, Niagara Falls, Ontario and in 1999 she received the J.C. Gould Memorial Award for Distinguished Practice. Sherry has authored five books and is presently working on her sixth, entitled, Breaking the Age Barrier, scheduled for publication this fall.

Sherry is a frequent guest on radio and TV talk shows where she discusses a variety of complementary medicine and pharmaceutical topics. She is also a member of the Expert Editorial Advisory Panel selected by the Canadian Health Food Association to assist in the editing and promotion of the Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor Education Program.

Volume 2 Number 9 SNU September 2003 Download Preview

  • Clinical Review: Preventing Sports Injuries
  • He-Said-She-Said: Defining Your Purpose
  • Special Guest Interview: Phil Campbell - Ready Set Go Fitness and Growth Hormone.
Phil Campbell is the author of Ready Set Go Fitness, an extremely comprehensive fitness training manual targeted at five major areas of fitness; flexibility, endurance, strength, power, and anaerobic conditioning.
Phil is a competitive master's athlete, and holds several USA Track and Field Masters titles including first place in the 100-meter sprint at the Southeastern U.S. Championships for his age group in 2000. In 2003, he won the 200-meters and discus, placed second in the 100-meters, and set the meet record in the javelin during the USA Masters Track & Field Tennessee Championships.

After earning two masters degrees and a 20-year career as a healthcare administrator that included serving as a Division President with eight hospitals under his command, Phil returned to writing about fitness, improving athletic performance, anti-aging, and anti Middle-aging.

In Ready Set Go Fitness Phil takes the latest research in the biomedical disciplines of exercise science, medicine, nutrition, endocrinology and fitness for specific age groups, and presents a research supported system designed to improve the reader's health. Using his years of experience wisely, Phil is able to take complex medical subjects and make them understandable and practical. His book teaches how to improve fitness step-by-step, how to increase energy, and how to lose, cut, and tone.

Volume 2 Number 10 SNU October 2003 Download Preview

  • Clinical Review: The Enigma of the Ectomorph
  • He-Said-She-Said: Animal Instincts
  • Special Guest Interview: Maurice Brisebois - Upper 49th, Supplements & Sports Food.
Maurice is CEO and President of Upper 49th Imports, Canada's leading provider of performance nutrition products. Upper 49th distributes several leading edge sports nutrition products lines in Canada, including Next Nutrition, Optimum Nutrition, AdvantEdge, IDS, Labrada Nutrition, S.A.N., Lean System 7, Zone Perfect and EAS. High quality American Brands are imported from the US and supplied directly to thousands of retailers across Canada. Upper 49th is a highly adaptive and successful company, with a proven track record of excellent sales and service. The main office and distribution centre for Upper 49th Imports is in Oakville, Ontario. For more information on products, Muscle Media magazine or the Body-for-Life Challenge, please visit or call toll free 1-800-787-7038.

Volume 2 Number 11 SNU November 2003 Download Preview

  • Clinical Review: The New Science of Chronobiology
  • He-Said-She-Said: Dining Out: Choosing Healthy Foods.
  • Special Guest Interview: Sherry Ann Boudreau - Performance Training for Fitness Competitors.
Sherry is a Canadian professional natural fitness and figure athlete and works as a fitness model and aerobics instructor. She currently resides in Austin Texas where she is preparing for her first bodybuilding show at the Texas Shredder Classic. Sherry is a former Ms. Exercise World and has a strong background in water sports, aerobics, soccer, rugby and gymnastics. As a mother of three children in her thirties, Sherry provides an outstanding role model for woman with children, especially those who struggle with body composition management. Through her own self-discipline and training methods, Sherry encourages everyone to set goals and go after their dreams. Her future plans include co-writing a book and competing in Figure, Fitness and Bodybuilding competitions.

Volume 2 Number 12 SNU December 2003 Download Preview

  • Clinical Review: Dietary Supplements: The Intelligent Choice
  • He-Said-She-Said: Breast Cancer: A Rising Epidemic.
  • Special Guest Interview: Dr. Michael Horowitz - Principals of Chiropractic Medicine.
Dr. Horowitz graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto. His undergraduate studies in Biology & Kinesiology at York University emphasized Fitness Assessment & Exercise Counseling. After practicing in Ontario he relocated to Vancouver BC where he worked with Bio-Med & SISU Enterprises specializing in natural health products and sports nutrition. Dr. Horowitz currently owns and manages Hycroft Family Chiropractic, Counseling & Massage, located in Vancouver, BC.

Dr. Horowitz combines nutritional support, stress management techniques, soft tissue massage and spinal adjustments towards the goal of freeing up stress to the spine and nervous system. He is a member of the BC Chiropractic Association, the Canadian Chiropractic Association and the Canadian Chiropractic Protective Agency. Dr. Horowitz is affiliated with Fitness World, the MS Society, the BC Lung Association and a number of other local charities & organizations.

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