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Telephone or Skype Consultation

  • CHI will contact you by email to determine an appointment schedule after enrollment
  • Package includes four one-hour telephone or Skype consultations (discussion only)
  • Dr. Holly will phone or Skype you personally at the pre-scheduled time
  • Client is advised to prepare questions in advance and take notes during sessions

  • $199.00 USD

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    Four one-hour consultations with one of the brightest minds in sports nutrition. Dr. Holly will teach, mentor and guide you to better health, wellness and performance. Expect great insight into nutrition, supplement and exercise science that relates specifically to your individual biochemical needs. Expect to be challenged, motivated and educated. Dr. Holly has a vast amount of experience helping people of all ages and walks of life.

    Dr. Cory Holly Biography

    "Thanks so much. I am learning so much about myself. Our conversations are really helping me to do some self-reflection and pay attention to my body and my own beliefs about what is good for me. I have been doing a lot of thinking and writing this past week. It's been life changing for sure. Thanks"

    Krista Horwath
    Phoenix Arizona USA