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Cory's Mentorship Program

Train with Cory for the training experience of your LIFE!

  • Please contact CHI to reserve your time and space
  • Five Day Training Program / Three hours per day
  • Five Days in a row or spaced out over specific days, weeks or months
  • Program includes Level One Foundation exam and Certificate of Graduation
  • Program includes 1 hour pre-workout consultation
  • Program includes 2 hour workout

  • $995.00 USD

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    This is a proven complete health and fitness program for elevating and improving your mind, body and spirit. Dr. Holly will teach you dozens of training principles and help you discover what is holding you back. Consistency is absolutely necessary when it comes to doing what needs to be done right long term for optimum health and creating the physique you desire. Get Focused! Be prepared for a great time and a mind altering challenge.