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How to Get Well (Recipe For Health)

  • Digital PDF Format
  • Audio Files MP3 Format
  • Course Textbook required Encyclopedia of Sports Nutrition
  • Course file and student exam sent by e-mail after confirmation of purchase
  • Certificate of Graduation sent by e-mail after completion of course.

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    This CHI Course Elective reviews the steps that are necessary to understand and apply for those searching for better health and optimum wellness. It includes the book Recipe For Health in both audio MP3 format and written PDF manuscript. Students will learn how to live and get well and derive motivation to apply necessary change. This course defines optimum health and describes the ten principles steps essential to its achievement. This course is ideal as an introduction to the world of alternative health care, holistic sports nutrition and fitness. Discover the key ingredients you need to create your own Recipe for Health and learn the secret of true motivation. Do you know How To Get Well?