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CSNA Education Program Health Professional Special Tuition

  • Digital PDF Format
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader required Includes 10 Study Modules, Dissertation and Certification
  • No time limit for completion provided students fees are up-to-date
  • Additional CHI Membership required (Student Administration Fee)
  • Module One will be sent to student after first meet & greet consultation with Dr. Holly
  • Student Number, Username & Password sent by e-mail after confirmation of purchase

  • $995.00 USD

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    The CSNA Education Program consists of 10 Modules.

  • Human Anatomy
  • Energy and Cellular Metabolism
  • The Primary Building Blocks
  • Dietary Supplement Review
  • Body Typing and Individual Assessment
  • Training and Exercise Philosophy
  • Achieving Your Ideal Bodyweight
  • Performance Enhancing Drugs
  • Training Injuries: Natural Treatment
  • Screening and Diagnostic Tools

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