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Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor (CSNA)
The Complete Sports Nutrition Owner's Manual

Welcome to the official website of the Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor (CSNA) Education Program. This digital online distance learning program was released originally in 2000 and has gained a reputation of excellence from students and graduates throughout North America and the world. Now in its fourth edition, the course is designed to enhance student comprehension of holistic, integrative and functional sports nutrition, for personal and professional application. It truly "bridges the gap between fitness and nutrition".

The CSNA program is distributed exclusively by the Cory Holly Institute (CHI). CHI is an international online education center, founded by Dr. Cory Holly in response to an overwhelming need for education in the field of holistic sports nutrition, health & fitness. This comprehensive highly respected program prepares students for entry into the sports nutrition profession and acts as a specialized education supplement for teachers, health professionals, athletes, coaches and fitness professionals.

The CSNA program is designed to enrich the life of each student and help advance their health and fitness career. The program is highly recommended for health food store and fitness center retailers, industry suppliers and distributors, personal trainers, health care and fitness professionals, gym owners, coaches and competitive athletes. Enrollment is also recommended for any individual involved in the field of physical therapy, physical education, exercise science, rehabilitation, coaching and sports medicine.

The CSNA education program integrates the philosophy of biological medicine with exercise science and promotes the use of dietary supplements in conjunction with organic whole foods. In addition to enhancing scholastic aptitude and preparing the student for entry into the sports nutrition, health and fitness field, this program serves as both a guide in human life strategy and a personal health-care owner's manual. The goal is to equip each student with the information and knowledge required to physically condition, care for and nourish their own body.

CHI Membership

All CSNA students must be active CHI Members. CHI Membership is mandatory for all enrolled and active CSNA students as a student fee until completion of the course. Student fees cover the cost of marking and filing student exams, consultations, email advice and responses to student questions, final student dissertation and all student administration.

The CSNA education program has no time limit for completion provided the student remains an active CHI Member. This official school policy provides students with enormous freedom to complete the course at their own time and discretion, however, if student membership fees are not maintained on a monthly or annual basis during enrollment of the course until completion, the student cannot complete the course and all course tuition fees are forfeited.

All student course files are in digital Adobe PDF Format and downloaded directly to your computer. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to open and read the course program files.

Student enrollment begins with online enrollment of the complete CSNA education program or any single CSNA Module. Upon enrollment after course tuition and membership is confirmed each student is assigned a personal file and student number. The Institute monitors the progress of each student until completion of the entire program.

The CSNA education program consists of 10 Modules

Module One: Human Anatomy
Module Two: Energy and Cellular Metabolism
Module Three: The Primary Building Blocks
Module Four: Dietary Supplements
Module Five: Body Typing and Individual Assessment
Module Six: Training and Exercise Philosophy
Module Seven: Achieving Your Ideal Bodyweight
Module Eight: Performance Enhancing Drugs
Module Nine: Training Injuries: Natural Treatment
Module Ten: Screening and Diagnostic Tools

Student Administration & Support

Prior to receiving your first study module by email, you will be contacted to confirm your first Meet & Greet telephone appointment with Dr. Holly. During this conversation, Dr. Holly will talk to you about your career path and education objectives, explain how to complete the CSNA education program and answer any questions you have about the course or CHI events.

After completing Module Five, you will be contacted to confirm your next telephone appointment with Dr. Holly for a Student Progress Report. This is an opportunity for you to discuss any questions you have regarding the course material. After the progress report, you will receive Module Six by email.

After completing Module Ten, you will be contacted to confirm a final telephone appointment with Dr. Holly to discuss the details of completing your final student dissertation. Dr. Holly will send you a copy of the CSNA Student Dissertation Guidelines by email, followed by the final dissertation in digital format.

Each Module is completed in sequence beginning with Module One. The length of time required to complete each Module is approximately 20-40 hours, depending on the students' ability to comprehend the material, reading speed and the number of pages per individual Module (average number of pages per Module is 150). At the discretion of the student each study Module can be printed in color or B/W and inserted into a study binder of their choice.

Student Self-Test Questions

At the end of each Module there is a student self-test assignment consisting of 20 multiple choice open-book test questions. To answer them correctly the student is required to read through the entire course material. The student must complete the test questions at the end of the study Module as instructed before moving on to the next Module. Module test questions are answered online. The passing grade for each student self-test assignment is 100%.

To receive a CHI Certificate of Graduation from the Institute and the designation of Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor (CSNA) each student must complete all 10 Modules, submit a final dissertation (a written essay or formal discourse) and complete a fitness assessment.

The CSNA education program is an independent self-directed certification study program designed for practicality and real life application. Students may take as long as required to complete each study module provided they maintain their CHI Membership status. Upon successful completion of the entire CSNA program, the Institute will provide each student with a CHI Certificate of Graduation.

Student Dissertation

After completing Module Ten including the final student self-test assignment, each student is required to write a final dissertation (a formal treatise or thesis) and complete a fitness assessment. This is your Final Exam and must be submitted for marking before a passing grade and CHI Certificate of Graduation from the Institute is granted.

The fitness assessment must be performed by an authorized fitness assessment facility or fitness professional recognized by the Institute. It should include an assessment of your blood pressure and heart rate, a body composition analysis, an aerobic test, and a measurement of your muscular strength, muscular endurance and flexibility. It is the test itself that is required to pass the course. The outcome of the test is a not measure of passing or failing the course. Fitness assessments are commonly performed at recreation centers, personal training studios, private fitness facilities, Universities and some Colleges.

Instructions and an outline for writing the final dissertation are provided to help each student get started and complete the assignment. When completed each student is required to send their completed dissertation and fitness assessment by email to the Institute for marking. Upon successful completion of the entire program the Institute will provide each student a CSNA Certificate of Graduation bearing their name and the designation of Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor (CSNA). The student is now eligible for enrollment in the CSNA Masters Program or the CSNA Master Teacher Program.

CSNA Certificate of Graduation

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