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Cory's Eclectic Training Partner Mentorship Program

Do you REALLY know how to train?
Do you REALLY know how to eat fresh whole nutritious food?
Do you REALLY know how and when to take performance enhancing supplements?
Are you getting the results you REALLY want from your workouts?
Do you train with focus, intensity and passion and are you making progress?
Are you applying the nutrition & fitness knowledge you possess with consistency?
Do you know how to prepare for a natural bodybuilding competition the right way?

If you answered NO to any of these questions then you are a candidate for

Cory’s Personal Mentorship Training Program.

Cory lives and breathes training. He studies it, he teaches it and above all, he loves it.
• Train with Cory and you will capture his enduring spirit…
Cory is incredibly motivated for the right reasons; he wants to stay well, functional, disease-free, lean and muscular for as long as he is alive. Do you?
• Train with Cory and learn the secret of true desire and life-long motivation…
Cory doesn’t miss workouts and he eats as hard as he trains.
• Train with Cory and he will teach you how to eat and train with excellence…
Cory is a model of intensity, discipline and dedication…
• Train with Cory and he will redefine what intensity means to you

Health & Wellness Apprenticeship

Cory will share 40 years of training, fitness and nutrition knowledge with you.

This program is an opportunity for you to…

• Learn from a Canadian Master Natural Bodybuilding Champion
• Define your training objectives and reach them quickly
• Get the absolute most from your time and energy in the gym
• Learn how to build a body that is strong, resilient and impressive
• Understand every training principle you need to know with clarity
• Transform your mind, body and spirit from the inside out
• Train in less time and perform fewer exercises with greater results
• Learn how to make strength gains every workout and record them
• Train independently and correctly with passion for the rest of your life.
• Heal your body with optimum nutrition and train injury-free for life
• Develop the physique you have always wanted and dreamed about
• Train with precision and execute each exercise with excellent form


Cory’s Personal Mentorship Training Program

Includes the following:

Initial Consultation

Discussion of your personal objectives. Review of your fitness, sport, and training history. Assessment of your current health awareness, training knowledge and exercise experience. Assessment of your medical history and body type. Training schedule to be determined.

Nutrition & Diet Assessment

Review diet. Analyze protein, fat and carbohydrate intake. Review supplement intake. Hydration principles explained. Energy for workouts. Food for faster recovery. pH balance explained. Eliminate muscle soreness, chronic inflammation and joint pain once and for all. Supplements to strengthen the immune system, prevent infection and ward off disease. Make what you eat and when count. Concept of individual biochemical uniqueness explained. Learn how to develop a desire for natural food. Lose the desire to overeat, eat junk or consume empty refined carbohydrates.

Training & Workout Details

• Workout with Cory as a full fledged equal training partner.

Cory is not going to simply watch you train and tell you what to do. This is what makes this program so unique and powerful! Cory is going to set an example, show you how it’s done right with intensity and then make sure you do it the same way. You will be held accountable and expected to train with determination and pride!

• Training time and facility to be determined during first initial consultation

• Five workouts (five consecutive days or spaced out weekly or monthly over time )

• Five phases per workout in the following sequence

  1. Warm-up (rotator cuff, joint rotation, light cardio, mental protein)
  2. One major bodypart (legs, chest, back, shoulders & arms)
  3. Core training (front, back and from every side)
  4. Cardio (medium & high intensity, mental protein)
  5. Stretch (full body floor routine)
Mentorship workout routine

Mentorship stretch routine

Consistency: The Key to Health and Wellness

YouTube Training Videos

  • Holly Barbell Squats

  • Holly Barbell Deadlift

  • Holly Standing Military Press

  • Holly Barbell Bench Press

  • Holly BB Power Cleans

  • Holly DB Snowboard Rows

  • Holly DB Shrugs

  • Holly Reef Walker Calf Raises

  • Holly Rotator Cuff Warm-Ups

  • Holly Bar Dips

  • Holly Chin-Ups

  • Holly Stretch Routine

  • Holly Pre-Workout Warm-Up

  • Feedback from Clients

    "My experience with Cory has been very unique, one that will stay with me forever. Initially I was unmotivated and just didn't have the willpower to train and eat right (or even cared to). What I didn't know was that I needed to repair my head before I repaired my body and Cory was the catalyst for this to take place. Thank you Cory for this, I doubt I would be anywhere without your guidance. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

    Curt Gowler – Age 36
    Computer Programmer

    "I completed Level One of the Cory Holly Institute Personal Training Program in June 2005. Within a short period of time I began transforming my physique, my strength went up and my energy began increasing as a result. I learned how to eat, when to eat and when not to eat. Along with a good combination of supplements and whey shakes, I feel better than when I was 20. Thank you Cory for the huge learning curve. Cheers to a long life."

    Vern Milani – Age 49
    Business Man

    "Anyone who trains with Cory will definitely live longer and feel better, provided he continues to apply what he has learned from Cory."

    Doug Austin – Age 46
    Gym Owner

    "The CHI Training Partner Program has benefited me with the knowledge to lead and live a healthy active lifestyle in and out of the gym. It has also been beneficial at qualifying me as a certified personal trainer."

    Robert Clark - Age 18

    "The Level I Mentorship program has given me a functional plan to develop and maintain control of my personal health for a lifetime. I have the education and everyday decision to take control over my health and accept the personal responsibility of my health. I feel freedom that I don't have to follow my past perceived ideas that my health was destined due to my genetics. I am leaving this program with a lot more than I thought I would. I am leaving with my cholesterol balanced, 7lbs lean mass in 4 weeks, lifting more weight than I have ever lifted before, but I am also leaving mentally and spiritually inspired in the pursuit of being true to myself. At first I thought Cory was extremely self-disciplined but I now really see that it is a joy to pursue your own health and the fun in sport. Thanks Cory. "

    Greg Mendes - 31
    Canadian Air Force Pilot

    "It has been 20 years since I last spent any effective time in the gym. I recently realized that my age has been working against me and I am literally watching the health & vitality of my business partners fail. When you seek advice on a subject or topic you should seek it from the best you can find. The CHI training partner program has focused my desire to return to the gym with simple and concise weight-training objectives. In 20 workouts with Cory, I have benefited beyond my expectations. Time is very valuable and hard to replace. This program is clearly developed, focused, maximizes gain and the proof is, as they say, in the pudding, Thanks so much Cory."

    Ian Toews - Age 40
    Business Consultant

    "Finally! How to kick it up a notch the most effective and safe way. I've been given the knowledge, excitement and motivation to keep my body, mind and soul stronger, healthy and most of all HAPPY. Thank you Cory!"

    Diana Bralic - Age 42
    Interior Design Architect

    "Wow! I have been fortunate enough to have studied with many of the World's best Health and Fitness coaches. However, Cory Holly's Mentorship Program is unique. Yes I learned an incredible amount about Health, Fitness and Nutrition from someone who truly walks the walk. But more than this I learned a huge amount about myself. Great training, Great food, Great conversation. Something I recommend everyone should experience. Thank you Cory my mentor and my friend."

    Matt Kendrick M.S., CSNA Master - Age 37
    Founder, Director Mk Personal Training Academy

    Matt Kendrick Mentorship Testimony

    "Cory Holly's Mentorship program was a very positive experience in my life. Being mentored in any interest is among the fastest way to excel to the top. I have filled my life with positive and influential mentors, and when I found Cory had a personal 1 on 1 mentor program I jumped at the opportunity. Cory met and exceeded my expectation both in and out of the gym. It doesn't matter if your young or old, male or female, fit or out of shape. It would be beneficial for anyone to train with Cory. In the end I completed the course with not only an education, but built a relationship that will aid me in my health and wellness goals."

    Aaron Weber - Age 29
    A/C Mechanic

    Mentorship Program Details

    This is an investment into your health and life. Once you understand the pattern, the principles and the process you can take the knowledge gained with you anywhere in the world with confidence and assurance. After being mentored by Dr. Holly you can train and eat correctly for the rest of your life and achieve your personal goals.

    Mentorship Registration - Five Day

    Mentorship Registration - One Day