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CSNA Honorary Advisor

Dear Reader:

You hold in your hands the key to a rewarding and highly successful career as a Certified Consultant in Sports Nutrition. This definitive course, written and compiled by Cory Holly, comes at the most opportune time. The rapid growth of the science of sports nutrition is showing us that providing all the right structural nutrients in the right forms and ratios, is the only way to stimulate development of the body to the upper limits of its genetic potential.

From the carefully integrated presentation of physiology and biochemistry in this course, you will gain a greater insight into the parameters of bodily development, than can be gained from any array of books no matter how large or detailed. On completion of the course you will be able to comprehend all the basic processes by which the human body can grow to athletic excellence.

By further study at the advanced seminars that follow completion, seminars in which I hope to participate, you will gain the opportunity to develop mastery in sports nutrition, and will come to command both the professional respect and the financial success that such mastery will bring. You will be able to take beginning and experienced athletes from a multitude of different sports, and guide them through the essential stages of development that, with patience and perseverance, will enable them to perform like Gods. And you will be able to take masters athletes, whose bodies have suffered the ravages of age, and the imbalances of faulty nutrition and training, and guide them back to health and performance anew.

When I began in sports nutrition 27 years ago, we knew very little. Now we have laid the groundwork well and have developed successful nutrition and training programs for hundreds of champions. But the work is still hardly begun. New discoveries pile upon each other in the scientific journals that, in 20 years, will make even the sports nutrition of today look quaint and cumbrous. I am looking forward to my own participation in these developments, but most of all, I salute you, the new generation of adventurers in sports nutrition, that will continue on throughout this century to make athletes faster, higher and stronger than ever before. Seize this course with pride and make it your guide to professional excellence.

Dr. Michael Colgan

Colgan Power Program

It is with considerable joy and anticipation that I offer my greetings, support, and enthusiasm to you for participating in the CSNA education program. Not only are you enrolled in the first course of its type in Canada but based on my some 20 years as a National calibre triathlete and one who has spent numerous hours searching out the best information and minds in the field to safely and ethically optimize my training and nutritional program, this course compiled by Cory Holly represents the most comprehensive and up-to-date certificate program in sports nutrition available - bar none!

As we all know, we live in an information rich, if not information overloaded world. Whether as an academic or National Team member, I have always prided myself on trying to ensure I was as informed about matters that would enable me to be on the 'cutting edge' so as to ensure that I could continue to excel and/or contribute to the area in question. Unfortunately, at times, the breadth of information and/or resources have not always been helpful or involved copious amounts of time. While such experiences have served as valuable lessons, I've never stopped searching for a more reliable, dependable, and valid source. Finally, it is here!

The dramatic growth in the areas of fitness, health, and nutrition has begun to identify key areas in which the information is supported by not only anecdotal accounts but by good sound scientific evidence.

This course embraces a holistic and practical approach to helping you guide someone (even yourself) to better health and fitness. No matter what age, we are all athletes (some just waiting to be rediscovered) who in these times of hectic schedules, environmental pollutants, and bombardment of information can all benefit from either recapturing our passion for health and fitness or simply refine our abilities by capitalizing on the invaluable information you will learn in this course.

The course covers, what I would consider to be, the essential elements that need to be understood and addressed in order to reach an individual's potential. They include all the elements that took me years to 'discover'. For example, you will learn about the importance of body-type and its relationship to fitness and health. And while there is a plethora of literature on training and exercise, this section of the course offers the clear and essential facts to assist people in formulating a fitness program.

If there is one topic whose volume of literature could weight even the most ardent student of fitness and nutrition down it is information on 'weight'. Cory Holly's handling of this topic is straightforward and cuts through all the excess so that you are left with the most fundamental facts to help people identify their ideal body composition. Other key topics covered in this course include the controversial subject of performance enhancing drugs; the helpful topic of natural treatment, and identifying a repertoire of natural resources that can assist in screening, diagnosing, and either serve as a holistic approach to optimal fitness and health and/or addressing problems that will inevitably arise when people strive to be their complete athlete.

I wish you much success with this concluding half of the course and am confident that when accompanied with a positive attitude and open heart you'll not only come away feeling better informed and skilled to help others but that you will want to exemplify what you have to offer.

Dr. John Winterdyk
  • 8 Time National Triathlon Team member
  • Former Canadian Ironman winner and Canadian record holder
  • Author of The Complete Athlete, Integrating Fitness, Nutrition and Natural Health