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Benefits of Certification
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What You Can Expect From Completing This Course...

Become a Personal Champion of Optimum Health & Fitness
  • Learn how to take good care of yourself
  • Learn how to stay well, injury free and disease free
  • Learn more about yourself and who you really are (e.g. body type, blood type ...)
  • Learn what you are made of through body composition analysis
  • Learn how to train and eat correctly for life
Discover Your Mission in Life and Live Your True Passion
  • Learn how to be true to yourself and crush negative thought patterns
  • Learn why you need to clearly define your life purpose
  • Learn where to find the courage to break free of your self-made prison
  • Learn how to do business with benevolence and wisdom
  • Learn how to communicate the truth to everyone without fear of rejection or ridicule
Achieve Your Highest Level of Physical & Mental Performance
  • Learn how to break through mental barriers and stay motivated for life
  • Learn how to train correctly for your body type and body composition
  • Learn how to achieve your dreams and greatest ideals
  • Learn how to become a competitive athlete with nobility and good sportsmanship
  • Learn why everyone is an athlete engaged in the sport of life
Improve Your Understanding of Sports Nutrition & Fitness Science
  • Learn the basic principals of optimum nutrition
  • Learn how to feed your body type mentally and physically
  • Learn how a whole food diet can keep you well & improve your performance
  • Learn how to use sports nutrition products, supplements, vitamins and herbs
  • Learn the art and science of sports nutrition; the how and why, W5
  • Learn different alternative and complimentary methods to stay well
Advance Your Health & Fitness Career through Certification
  • Learn to become a health & fitness professional that looks and acts the part
  • Learn to become more confident and raise the standards of the industry
  • Learn how to create health awareness through your example and teaching skills
  • Learn how to prepare a training program for anyone
  • Learn how to consult with clients and motivate them
  • Learn how to create a new career that is recognized throughout the world
  • Learn that your knowledge can help individuals to achieve their goals and succeed
  • Learn new methods based on science that will attract new clients
  • Learn how to use your CSNA certification as a business asset
  • Learn how to become a distributor of the CSNA education program
Develop the Consulting Skills Required To Interact With Any Athlete
  • Learn to be confident when working with any type of athlete
  • Learn the basic principals of health and fitness to share with any athlete or client
  • Learn to read a client inside and out and ask the right questions
  • Learn that you can make a difference in your client's life
  • Learn how to read medical assessments and interpret them
  • Learn how natural therapy can prevent injury and heal an injured athlete
Sharpen Your Product Knowledge & Refine Your Selling Skills
  • Learn the basic essentials of sports nutrition, supplements, vitamins and herbs
  • Learn to use products personally so your knowledge is first hand
  • Learn to use the CSNA education as a reference guide and resource tool for writing
  • Learn the combinations of different products to satisfy customer demand
  • Learn how to organize your time for study habits and the acquisition of knowledge
  • Learn how to acquire leading edge information from supplementary journals & the internet
  • Learn to become a resource of knowledge and motivation for your clients
Gain the Insight Required to Set New Health & Fitness Goals & Stay Motivated
  • Learn what it means to have goals and stay on track without failure
  • Learn how to make fitness a way of life without compromise for the right reasons
  • Learn how to make your thoughts pure so you don't desire impure food
  • Learn how to keep your exercise routine exciting, fresh and satisfying
  • Learn how to achieve a progressive state of mind that never gives up
Above all...
  • Learn what it takes to stay well, fit and strong your entire life